Affiliate Program

How it works

ZNH welcomes all partners who love and are willing to share ZNHe-bike to participate in the affiliate program. As a franchisee, you only need to share the products and websites of ZNH in any channel. After the buyer purchases through your shared link, you will receive a commission of up to 2.5% of the product price. The following information describes the commission rates you can get as a program participant and the corresponding limits.


1. Standard commission structure: All products provide up to 2.5% standard commission. The commission is based on the price of the product sold, excluding shipping, taxes, and discounts. The commission will be calculated after deducting shipping, taxes, and total discounts from the order.

Note: Orders with refunds will not be included in the commission calculation.


2. Commission payment: We only support Paypal payment, please add your PayPal to your account. ZNH E-BIKE will pay a commission once a month, and the commission will be paid to your PayPal account.


3. Two-way benefit: In addition to the commission for the inviter, the invitee will also get a discount through your sharing link.


4. At present, we have achieved a win-win situation with many franchisees through the alliance program, what are you waiting for? Let's come and join with us!

If you have any questions about our Affiliate Program, please feel free to contact .